Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Kritters' Christmas

Every year my wife makes sure the cats and dogs don't miss out on Christmas. They each get a little gift wrapped up and placed under the tree. But their sense of smell gives the gave away, and their manners leave something to be desired. The catnip mouse had only been under the tree for a few minutes when Trixie was seen bounding up the stairs with the parcel in her mouth. Jenny soon figured that there were boxes of dog biscuits there, and took up guard duty by the tree.

This morning as we unwrapped our gifts, the wrappings were dropped into a box in an attempt to keep the place tidy. But Trixie had other ideas. At first she dived in and retrieved the plastic bag the catnip mouse had been in, but that must have seemed like such fun and before long the floor was littered with wrapping paper. The joys of youth I guess.

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