Thursday, September 16, 2004

Be-el's sprained ankle

Towards the end of last week, Be-el, our big black lab cross, started limping. By Tuesday she was getting worse, so off we went yesterday to the vets. Doctor Brenda gave her leg a thorough going over and told me that the ankle was swollen, but she was unable to tell if it was a fracture. So poor old Bubba had to stay for an X-ray. Turns out that there was no fracture and it is probably just a sprain, and Bubba is going on to metacam for a few days. We already have a cheaper generic version of metacam for Jenny who has Hip Dysplasia, so at least the drugs didn't cost a fortune, but there was still the office fees and x-rays to pay for. Having pets is not cheap.

Be-el probably sounds like a strange name for a dog. It is short for Beelzebub which we choose because she was a little devil when she was a puppy. But like most of our critters she has other nicknames too. I usually refer to her as Bubba and Pat calls her Betty. We generally reserve Be-el for when she is being bad.

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