Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Whales Revenge

Here's a cute little video game and petition to stop whaling.

I'm not sure how effective petitions are, but at least it is one way to express one's opinion.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Gulf Stream has stopped before

One of the likely outcomes of global warming is that the Gulf Stream could stop, thereby dropping temperatures in Britain and Scandinavia. This thermohaline circulation would be shutdown by glaciers melting and thereby desalinating the ocean.

Researchers now claim that they have proof that when the glacial Lake Agassiz burst some 8000 years ago and dumped its fresh waters into the North Atlantic, the circulation of the Atlantic was shut down. Temperatures in Greenland fell by 8C at this time.

Cape Breton labour market study

Here's a short little movie about life for young people on Cape Breton Island from two different perspectives.

If you are an outmigrant from Cape Breton, visit and complete the survey to help JCI find unique solutions to out-migration and to the skilled labour shortage in the knowledge sector.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Harper Conservatives let us down.

Right now, a major UN summit in Bali has just a few days left to hammer out an agreement on stopping catastrophic climate change. But instead of helping out, Canada is actually sabotaging the talks! On Saturday, experts gave us the global "fossil" award for being the worst country in the world on climate change.

There's still a few days left to save Canada's reputation -- and the climate -- but we need a massive democratic roar to remind our Prime Minister what Canada is all about, and stop him from blocking the world at Bali. Sign the petition now, which will be advertised with the number of signatures in an ad campaign across Canada this week. The goal is to get 25,000 people to sign in the next 3 days -- before the ads run.

Prime Minister Harper's short-sighted, undemocratic and big oil-driven policy on climate change is damaging the world and destroying our image as a good country. We're supposed to be the nice guys, who try to do the right thing in the world.

The vast majority of Canadians are hopping mad on this issue -- we can win this. We just need to show Harper how serious we are that he change course. Sign up now and forward this email to everyone you know - we've got just 3 days to hit 25,000 signatures!

Thanks for your help!

PS - Here are links to some more info on this:

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