Monday, August 23, 2004

Calamity Jones

I was chatting with the wife about a week ago and had a premature senior's moment. I was wanting to refer to her as that famous landscape gardener, you know, wha'sis name, Calamity Jones? Well, I knew that wasn't quite right, and though Pat knew who I meant, neither of us could come up with the right name.

Today, as I was riding around on the lawn tractor, I recalled that conversation and the name came to me almost straight away - Capability Brown. Well, I guess I was close!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Snakes alive

I have gotten used to finding snakes in the garden, usually curled somewhere warm, and often in the compost heap. But today while I was moving lumber out of the solar kiln I came across one under a layer of boards. At 38 centigrade, the kiln must make a nice home for a snake. This Maritime Garter Snake is perfectly harmless, and indeed there are no venomous snakes in Nova Scotia. They have their young in late summer, so I wonder if there is a family in the kiln? I just hope it can find its way out, or get enough food in there.