Monday, March 06, 2006

CBC Freestyle tag cloud

I have tried my best to get to like CBC Radio 1's new afternoon show Freestyle. Admittedly it does give me few chuckles, but nothing worth having to listen to nearly two hours of this inane drivel.

So here my tribute to Freestyle in the form of a Tag Cloud:

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Carnival of the Creators #2

Welcome to the second edition of Carnival of the Creators, a weekly round-up of blog posts from the arts and crafts community. Each week the carnival is hosted on a different blog. If you missed last week's edition you will find it at The ChipShop, my studio blog. Next week it will be hosted by Wendy Van Camp on Indigoskye Bead Fashions.

I'm going to start this week with a request for help from Alyson Stanfield from Alyson is writing a book and is looking for artists who either have a terrific newsletter or have a press release that needs a makeover. This seems like a great opportunity to get some print publicity.

There is another opportunity for a bit of publicity at Thinking About Art which hosts Artists Interview Artists. Interested artists have to provide questions that will be answered by another artist. In return they have to answer questions from someone else. This week's interview was with Roz Leibowitz.

Last week's carnival mentioned Edward Winkleman's suggestion that more art collectors should keep a blog. I'm pleased to report that Christopher has accepted the challenge and started a new blog, The Destitute Collector. I look forward to seeing more of his collection and learning about this collector.

John T. Unger works in many media using a wide variety of materials. "Odysseus: Scrapyard Abstract No. 6" is an abstract scuplture made in welded steel. I like John's use of his blog to promote works that are for sale in another gallery. It is very easy to sit back and let a gallery take all responsibility for selling one's work, but John's pro-active approach is a win-win situation for both parties. Maybe the gallery will see the benefits of internet marketing and blogging.

ArtMoCo points us to a more web-savvy gallery. "Hanging Puddles" is a series created by artist Al Taylor who currently has an exhibition at Haunch of Venison in Zurich. This gallery not only has a website, but also features select works from the exhibition and pages from the catalogue.

To round off this weeks Carnival of the Creators, let's stop at a few blogs that have some advice for artists.

Alisha Vincent blogs at Art or Craft and has some advice about seeking honest feedback about your work. Meanwhile Paul Dorrell offers some advice about making sure collectors don't assume they have any rights to publish images of the works they buy. I wonder how that applies to the The Destitute Collector I mentioned earlier?

Britt Parrott writes about Taking a Day Out as a defense against creative blocks. One idea is that "the less you pack, the more you experience". Similar advice "Consume experiences, not things" is found in Karimanifesto, which reports on Karim Rashid's fifty-point manifesto, a guide to life and design. (If you have time to play, take a look at Karim Rashid's website and point your mouse at the graphics at the bottom of the page. I don't normally like website gizmos's, but I do find this one quite engaging.)

That's it folks for another week. Next week's Carnival of the Creators will be hosted by Wendy Van Camp on Indigoskye Bead Fashions. If you have read or written a recent blog post about art, craft or any other form of creativity please tell tell us about it using the form at

See you all at the carnival next week.

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