Friday, December 31, 2004

Googling Paris Hilton

Last night's 60 Minutes feature on Google was bit of a disappointment. I probably wasn't in a very good mood when it eventually started, some twenty minutes late, due to an overun in an NFL match. Does time really run that slow in the USA? There was only 10 minutes left on the clock when we started watching, but it took 20 minutes of Canadian time for it to elapse. Star Trek has nothing on NFL when it comes to temporal anomolies. How Americans have the nerve to say that cricket is boring I will never know.

The Google show started off with an image search for Paris Hilton, which we discovered is not a hotel in France. Which of the two would be the most comfortable place to spend the night I will never know. Did you see their rates? The show went on to talk about some of the less well known parts of Google, such as Google Scholar. I must admit that I had not heard of Keyhole, a database of satellite images, but I learnt later that it is a property that Google purchased last November. Last night when I tried to check it out, the connection timed out. Maybe it had been brought to it knees by the publicity this show gave it? Blatant publicity can certainly bring many more visitors to a website than one normally gets. Yesterday I posted a reference in rec.crafts.woodturning to an article in my other blog, The Chipshop, and visits have escalated some thirty times above normal. I wonder what exposure on CBS would do for it?

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