Monday, May 08, 2006

A private viewing

I am just back from a trip home to England where I had the chance to see some recent works of my friend Margaret Micklewright. Working in acrylics and inks, the works I had seen before were largely atmospheric seascapes inspired by her childhood home on the island of Arran.

Since then Margaret's work has broadened in style and subject. Perhaps her boldest new direction is the very colourful harbour scenes, such as Mousehole, a small village in Cornwall. Margaret has had an liking of horses for most of her life, so it was no surprise that she recently started painting them. White Horse is a beautifully dreamy painting in acrylic.

Having settled now in Somerset, there are many West Country influences in Margaret's work. Glastonbury Abbey - Study in Gold is one such subject in ink, one of many strong images of architectural subjects. Also in ink is Summer Wood, inspired by sketches and photos taken near my home town of Wells.

There are many more pictures of Margaret Micklewright's work at on her website. I was in awe at the diverse directions her work has taken since I last saw her work, and pleased to learn that her work is sought after in gallerys and at her website. I look forward to my next visit.

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