Friday, September 26, 2008

Strategic voting are organising a grass roots effort to prevent a Harper majority government...

Dear friends,

For the last two years, the Harper government has done everything it could to wreck the world's efforts to fix climate change. Given the "fossil award" by environmental experts, Canada (our Canada!) has been repeatedly voted the WORST country in the world on climate change. Now, it's election time, and we have to make sure that Harper pays a real price at the polls for his reckless and un-Canadian climate policy.

Our first step is to target 3 of Harper's top MPs, including Environment Minister John Baird, and try to stop their re-election by telling their constituents just how irresponsible they've been, and what they've been doing in the name of all Canadians. Our ad campaign is ready to launch in these ridings, but we urgently need Canadian Avaaz members to donate $50,000 this week to get started. Click below to see the ads and donate just $10 or $25:

In an initial 3 target ridings, we'll be appealing to all voters to help save the planet by voting for the candidate most likely to beat the Conservative candidate. In one riding, we'll be supporting an NDP candidate, in another a Liberal, in another a Green. We're making sure to be "tripartisan" - we don't support any particular party, we just want to make sure the Conservatives pay for their almost criminal record on the environment. A large majority of voters in these ridings oppose Harper, but have split their votes among the 3 progressive parties, so even just a small shift in strategic or "smart voting" to favour the most popular progressive candidate will likely defeat the conservatives. That's the pitch our ads will make.

There's so much at stake, and no time to lose, let's pull out all the stops for Canada, and for the world.

With hope,

Ricken, Lisa-Marie, Laryn and the Avaaz Canada Team

PS - Canadian Avaaz members have a long record of campaigning against Stephen Harper's environmental policies, from calling him out on his failure to implement the Kyoto Protocol, to challenging his wrecking tactics at the Bali summit. In our online poll, 90% of Avaaz members strongly opposed a Harper majority. We've won some of these fights before, and if we all pull together in the next 2 weeks to give our voices, our time, our talent and our money, we can do it again!

PSS - Here are some links to more information:

Green party leader Elizabeth May calls for 'strategic voting' across party lines to stop Harper: writer analyzes the stakes of the Canadian election for the world:

This site shows that at a national level, strategic or smart voting will benefit all the opposition parties and prevent a Harper Majority:
The initial three ridings that Avaaz are targeting are:

Central Nova, NS - Vote GREEN, Elizabeth May
Pitt Meadows—Maple Ridge—Mission, BC - Vote NDP, Mike Bocking
Ottawa West—Nepean, ON - Vote Liberal

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you sure don’t have any problem with an American based third party and an American phone number coming into Canada, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an anti-democratic campaign to tell people to vote Liberal. If that’s not the ultimate in offensiveness, I don’t know what is.

NOW Toronto, not exactly the Financial Post, seems to have a problem with it though…

And I wonder if AVAAZ actually did any homework on supporting David Pratt…after all this is the same guy who wanted Canada to invade Iraq.