Thursday, July 13, 2006

Designer crafts and art collecting

Toni Sikes, founder of The Guild, reports that young artists working in craft media today are seeking respect for their design skills rather than to be recognised as an artist. This is going against the trend of the 80's which saw craft moving into fine art. The blog post is illustrated with 'Leaf Clocks' by Emi Ozawa. Personally I much prefer Emi's "Pendulum Box". It has a really neat idea for making the lid of a box.

The Guild blog also has a link to The Intrepid Art Collector Blog. Artists; be sure to list your exhibitions on this blog's monthly bulletin board. Lisa's new book, THE INTREPID ART COLLECTOR: How to Find, Buy and Appreciate Art on a Budget, will be published this October. Although writen from a collectors perspective, I think it will be a useful read for artists too as an aid to marketing.

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