Monday, February 20, 2006

Vote for the environment

Singer songwriter Sarah Harmer is using her art to highlight an environmental conflict in Ontario, Canada.

Escarpment Blues is a song about the planned development of a quarry on the Niagara escarpment. The lyrics of the song acknowledge the need for materials from such a quarry, but goes on to say 'The wild ones won’t have anywhere to go' and to ask 'Will the water in the wells still be ok'.

The song has been on CBC Radio's National Playlist for eight weeks, but last week dropped to #6. Each week the public gets to vote for their favourite song, and those at #7 to #10 get replaced with new songs suggested by panelists.

Now, the way I see it, the longer the song stays on the list, the more this issue will be brought to the attention of the public. Strong support for the song must be seen in part at least as opposition to the planned quarry. It is of course a great song in it's own right.

Listen to the listener pitch that got Escarpment Blues onto the National Playlist.

If you want to help keep the song on the playlist and help the cause, vote today for Escarpment Blues. Vote again everyday, and ask your friends and blog readers to do the same. Bloggers can make a difference!

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