Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quoting Raúl Acero

From Raúl Acero, in his book Making Ceramic Sculpture:

I think all human beings are born with the ability and desire to make art. Slowly, over time, and due to our education, we lose those abilities and replace them with insecurities about making and understanding art.
I can relate to that. I have always steered clear of being labelled 'artist', largely because of the language that often surrounds art.

Raúl also helps me understand the essence of abstract art:
... this wall sculpture can be considered pure abstract or nonrepresentational art. It relies on the relationship between parts to achieve grace and beauty. Sometimes leaving out recognizable elements, such as birds or flowers, can be liberating. By using texture, color, and spacial relationships, we can invoke the same kind of feelings and responses that representational objects do, but in a more mysterious and deep manner. The viewer must search for things in the sculpture, instead of being presented with them right away.
This is the type of art I want to explore further. I don't think I will ever be able to do representational art. The question is, can one master abtract without those skills?

Comments on this topic, as always, are welcome.

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