Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Son of Juan?

Just a few weeks after hurricane Juan passed by, we have another wind warning in effect for today. Gusts upto 90km/h expected this afternoon. Nova Scotia Power predict more power outages (they only just got everyone reconnected) due to trees that were partially damaged succumbing to the breeze. When are they going to figure out that underground distribution lines would be a good idea. Lets join the developed world.

We were fortunate in that we suffered no serious damage from Juan. It passed by a few miles to the west, and had been downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it reached us on the north shore. We lost a few shingles from the roof, but they probably should have been replaced a decade or two ago in any case. The worst was the lack of power for three days. It was warm, so heating the house was not an issue, unlike when the power goes out in winter. The biggest problem was water supply. We had filled the bath tub before the storm, so we could at least flush the toilet and have a cold wash. But that ran out on day 3 and I had to fill a 50 litre plastic tub from the beaver dam way back in the woods, and push it home in a wheel barrow. Fortunately some neighbours have a generator and were kind enough to let us have drinking water. So we got by, but I would much rather the power company improved their infrastructure.

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